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Hidden Safes Products
Our collection of diversion safes has been thoughtfully selected to help you protect your cash and other valuables, by allowing you to hide them in plain sight. On average a burglar will only spend 10 to 20 minutes in your home, and will only look in normal places, like jewelry boxes, drawers etc. They won’t search your coffee cans, or your ajax container In most instances, you actually place the diversion safe in plain view because the item looks so realistic. People have been known to place their individual diversion safe in their pantry, refrigerator, bedroom, laundry room, garage, or office depending on the type of item selected. These items actually look like the authentic item! A perfect place to hide your money and other valuables.
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Ajax Can SafeAjax Can Safe
Arizona Ice Tea Hidden Can SafeArizona Ice Tea Hidden Can Safe
Armor All Auto Cleaning Wipes Hidden SafeArmor All Auto Cleaning Wipes Hidden Safe
Arms Reach Bedside Biometric Gun SafeArms Reach Bedside Biometric Gun Safe
Black Quick Shelf Hidden Safe with RFIDBlack Quick Shelf Hidden Safe with RFID
Coffee Can Hidden SafeCoffee Can Hidden Safe
Coffee Mug Hidden SafeCoffee Mug Hidden Safe
Corn Can SafeCorn Can Safe
Dog Food Can Hidden SafeDog Food Can Hidden Safe
Green Beans Can Hidden SafeGreen Beans Can Hidden Safe
Hidden Book SafeHidden Book Safe
Peanuts Can SafePeanuts Can Safe
Quart Paint Can Hidden SafeQuart Paint Can Hidden Safe
Quick Vent Safe with RFIDQuick Vent Safe with RFID
Rug & Room Deodorizer Can SafeRug & Room Deodorizer Can Safe
Shaving Cream Hidden Can SafeShaving Cream Hidden Can Safe
Soda Can Hidden SafeSoda Can Hidden Safe
Sprinkler Key HiderSprinkler Key Hider
Streetwise Locking Book Safe with KeyStreetwise Locking Book Safe with Key
Surge Protector Hidden SafeSurge Protector Hidden Safe
Walnut Quick Shelf Hidden Safe with RFIDWalnut Quick Shelf Hidden Safe with RFID


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