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Defense Against Crime Blog by PepperEyes.com
Defense Against Crime Blog

Defense Against Crime Blog

The Difference between Mace and Pepper Spray
Sometimes people think Pepper Spray and Mace are the same thing.  One hand they can be on the other hand they are not.  Confused?  Well, let’s fix that. There are lots of brand names that are used instead of the name of the actual product. Think of names like Jacuzzi, Zamboni, Kleenex or Crock-Pot.  One […]

Can carrying Pepper Spray truly make you safer?
If you troll thru this blog you can see plethora of articles on the usefulness of pepper spray and other self-defense products and techniques.  Will having any of these self-defense products really make you safer? The short answer is: It depends! It depends on your mindset at the time of the incident It depends on […]

Ransomware Attack!
If you have not watched the news, or just haven’t paid attention, there is a worldwide ransom-ware attack that began last week and may continue this week. The New York Times has an active map showing where all the attacks have been happening. You can google it or see this link  (https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/05/12/world/europe/wannacry-ransomware-map.html?_r=0) If you want to […]

What to do if you are pepper sprayed!
A few months ago, my sister-in-law give me some ointment called Capzsasin HP because I was having issues with the muscles in my legs. Honestly, I did make the connection. See the active ingredient in Pepper Spray is Capsaicin. Anyway after applying the cream to my legs, I thought I had washed all of it […]

Things to Consider Before Buying Pepper Spray
Things to Consider Before Buying Pepper Spray Pepper spray can be a fantastic self-defense tool to have, whether you love to jog protection while walking on campus or to a parking garage at work. Pepper spray is a legal non-lethal way to keep yourself safe! However, before you run out to the Quickie-Mart or go […]

How Test Your Pepper Spray!
Please do not try to use use your pepper spray over the expiration date. Although typical spray lives are 2 plus years, we recommend you replace your pepper spray every 12 to 16 months

Is Pepper Spray Legal where I live?
This is the question we are asked the most. The Short answer is YES. However, before you jump online to buy Pepper Spray from PepperEyes.com there are a few more things you need to know. First know that Pepper Spray is LEGAL in all 50 states. However, possession and/or use may be regulated or prohibited […]
Defense Against Crime Blog Link

Defense Against Crime Blog Link

Defense Against Crime Blog

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