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Defense Against Crime Blog by PepperEyes.com
Defense Against Crime Blog

Defense Against Crime Blog

Do you want cute, or effective pepper spray?
With college about to start up this week, many parents will be packing their young adults off to college. Some parents may be sitting down with their young daughters having ‘the talk’.  No not that talk, we are referring to the talk about sexual assault, and staying safe.  To remind you of the sexual assault […]

Crime Do Happen On and Around Campus
According to RAINN.org Every 98 seconds, another person experiences sexual assault, some of these are college age females like your daughter. One in five female undergraduates have experienced some kind of sexual assault while in college, according to a new study of students at nine institutions by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.  These numbers have been floating […]

Before you send her off to College…
Recent campus safety statistics show an increased danger for mostly female students—with up to 1 in 5 college women experiencing and reporting sexual assault and nearly 10,000 students each year enduring aggravated assaults and robberies during their time in college. These facts are gathered by the Government Crime Data. PEPPEREYES – SELF DEFENCE PRODUCTS is […]

When Dogs Attack!
Let’s me start by saying I am a dog person. I’ve had by current dog for almost a decade, and we travel together a lot.  Not only that, but my spoiled pooch is a person dog. This means she likes people. Don’t get it wrongs she a great watch dog, she instantly alerts us if […]

Amazon E-Mail Scam
Today I opened my Hotmail account and I saw all these cancellation notices from Amazon. Now while I am an Amazon user, the items that it said I cancelled, I never ordered. One of these things I did notice was all of the telltale sign that this was fake. 1) I never ordered these books […]

The Difference between Mace and Pepper Spray
Sometimes people think Pepper Spray and Mace are the same thing.  One hand they can be on the other hand they are not.  Confused?  Well, let’s fix that. There are lots of brand names that are used instead of the name of the actual product. Think of names like Jacuzzi, Zamboni, Kleenex or Crock-Pot.  One […]

Can carrying Pepper Spray truly make you safer?
If you troll thru this blog you can see plethora of articles on the usefulness of pepper spray and other self-defense products and techniques.  Will having any of these self-defense products really make you safer? The short answer is: It depends! It depends on your mindset at the time of the incident It depends on […]
Defense Against Crime Blog Link

Defense Against Crime Blog Link

Defense Against Crime Blog

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