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Defense Against Crime Blog by PepperEyes.com
Defense Against Crime Blog

Defense Against Crime Blog

IRS Scam Revisited
Since today is Tax day I guess these people thought they thought they would try again. Apparently, these criminals have gotten some funding, because now they are using RoboCall. What is funny is even though it's an electronic voice, it uses the same bad sentence structure of someone whose native language isn't US English.

Have you ever lost your Cell Phone?
Have you ever lost your cell phone?  I have! Last year after thanksgiving, I was out shopping and came to the realization that I lost my cell phone.  So panic ensued. I looked everywhere, went back to all the stores.  The only thing I could think of was that I was dumb enough to leave […]

Cashier’s Check Scam on Craigslist
First I’m going to say I have nothing against Craig’s List as a service. When I moved, I sold most of my extra furniture on there, and I’ve purchased items from craigslist.  Most of the people on there are honest. I said most. However I recently tried to sell a projector TV on craigslist. I […]

Free Government Money…Really?
I few years ago, I received a phone call from a person who enthusiastically told me that I has won a FREE Government Grant.  With the FREE Money I could pay off debt, stat a business and on an own. It was a program set up by some government agency.  I’m not going to re-tell […]

If you see a crying child by the road.
I received the below from a friends of mine…and it’s largely an urban rumor. This is from a County Sheriffs Department, please read this message very carefully . This message is for any lady who goes to work, college or school or even driving or walking the streets alone.  If you find a young person […]

Where to keep your Pepper Spray when hiking in the woods?
I had a customer ask  “Is it ok to carry pepper spray in my backpack when I’m hiking?“ My answer was something like this. Just like the advice we give to ladies about having pepper spray in their purse.  Do you really want to see someone coming at you, and then try to find your […]

Greed Plus Stupidity equals Danger
Yesterday, I received a Phone call. I didn’t check the number at the time.  I later looked at my phone and the number was from (876)-321-3946 (Jamaica).  The gentleman told me that I had won 6.5 Million Dollars and a New BMW.  He then asked if I was excited about this. I asked him to […]
Defense Against Crime Blog Link

Defense Against Crime Blog Link

Defense Against Crime Blog

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