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Vendor Policy
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Onyx Knight Enterprises Vendor Policies
Vendor/Sales Agencies/Marketing Agencies Vetting Process

Vendor/Sales Agencies/Marketing Agencies Vetting Process

The following is an outline of the process used by the Executive Team for vetting offers made by vendors, sales agencies, Marketing Agencies wishing to do business with Onyx Knight Enterprises.

All Onyx Knight Enterprises Vendors and Marketing Agencies have a duty to understand and comply with governmental laws and regulations which impact their business interactions and relationships with Onyx Knight Enterprises. In addition to these legal responsibilities, we expect you to review and comply with Onyx Knight Enterprises’s vendor related policies and procedures contained within this webpage.  Adherence to these policies and procedures is critical to the continuation of our business relationship.Vendor behavior is reviewed on an ongoing basis and instances of behavior inconsistent with these vendor policies and procedures may cause Onyx Knight Enterprises to terminate a relationship with a non-compliant vendor.

This process is in place to help us to do business with honest, verifiable, reasonable, reliable and responsible agencies whose services have a proven track record in assisting business to grow. These steps are in place to assist us weed out potential scams, and low ROI busineses.

Information we will verify will include, but not limited to, any of the following item:
  1. Before we can proceed any further, your business must be based, and licensed in the United States of America.
  2. Upon receiving your phone call or e-mail we need to verify any metrics you give us.
  3. Your business must have existed for 5 years or more.
  4. We will do a few internet searches looking for
    • reviews
    • critiques of your business. Including your company name followed by the word SCAM, RIPOFF, COMPLAINTS attached to it.
  5. We will crawl through any web site you give us to spot potential misrepresentation of information.
    • Develope Vendor Service Profile for each type of service category
      • verify company name, address, tel. #, e-mail and primary contact name  (manager or owner), registered state of business.                                     
      • PLEASE provide us with this information including links to INDEPENDENT reviews.
  6. Determine some of your qualifications:
    • Years in business 
    • # of employees 
    • # of contractors 
    • bonded/insured 
    • member or not of Chamber of Commerce or similar organizations 
    • customer references.
    • anything else we need to know
  7. Open question: What do you provide to help assure OKE that your services will be judged as superior to your competitors?
  8. Separate telephone call/web search  to Better Business Bureau for their report (law suits, complaints, etc.). WE will reject any business that has less than an A Rating.
  9. A comparison of your competitors for cost/performance anaylsis.
We Will Not
  1. Deal with any vendors not located in the United States, and are subject to the laws and regulations of the United States.
  2. Participate in high pressure sales calls.
  3. Purchase your product on an initial call or e-mail.
  4. Proceed with any possible deal until the vetting process has been completed (5-30 days).
  5. Do any business without a physical signed contract that specifies the terms of our agreem
  6. Violate any of our current policy or procedures as outlines on this page or or policy page
If you have any questions please e-Mail  Richard Channing (CustomerService@peppereyes.com)


Once we have made a decision regarding your service we will contact you either via phone or e-mail.
The OKE reserves the right to cancel any services or contract from any vendor that is not meeting the expectations communicated to us by the sales agent.  The cancellations will be communicated via e-mail and in writing within 90 days of the initial contract.


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