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Frequently Asked Questions
You have Questions about Self-Defense..We have Answers

You have Questions about Self-Defense..We have Answers

Do you have Questions about Ordering Self-Defense Products from PepperEyes.com Self-Defense Products Store?
Find your answer here?
This page is updated every month.
If you don't find your answer here you can e-mail us at 
customer service or you can send us a text message at 843-364-4404.


  • Where are you located so that I can stop by and check out your products?
    • P epperEyes.com is an online shopping site; as such we do not have a brick-n-mortar store.
  • I placed an order but I did not get an Order Confirmation of what happened?
    • Once the payment for your order has been processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the subject Order Confirmation From PepperEyes.com Self-Defense Products Store. 
      If you do not see it, then please check your spam folder.  If you still do not see it, please contact us and we can provide you with your order number.
  • How safe is it to shop on this site?
    • Just as safe as shopping on Amazon, E-Bay, Wal-Mart.com or others. However, remember it is never safe to do financial/sensitive transactions on Public Wi-Fi.
    • We use SSL Encryption to secure data entered on our site.
    • The security of your financial transactions are handled by PayPal (which is more secure than many big box stores) 
    • Many of your concerns are addressed on our Privacy Policy page. 
  • Do you Guarantee your products?
    • We stand behind all the products we sell, and we will replace any defective products free of charge, or if you are not happy with your order you can get a refund within 60 days of your order. 
      Check out our policy page for additional information.
  • How safe is my private information?
    • PepperEyes.com secures your data against theft or manipulation with Integrated IP Blocking, 24x7 Surveillance, Advanced Encryption, and more.
    • We take great measures to safeguard all the data that is entered on our site. A full explanation is outlined on our policy page.
  • How long will it take to get my product?
    • Usually 1-5 days depending on what you select as your shipping method.
    • Typically orders transmitted to the warehouse before 11 AM EST are processed the same day. After that time, the order by not be shipped until the next business day!
    • Orders placed after 4 PM will be processed the next day
    • Orders placed between 4 PM Friday and 8 AM Monday will not be processed until 8 AM Monday.
    • All questions about shipping can be found on our shipping page
  • Are your discount Products Low Quality?
    • We select the best products from the best companies in the United States that we feel will benefit our customers.
    • We are an internet only store, which means we don't have to support maintaining a building, cleaning staff..etc.  
      This greatly reduces our business overhead and allows us to deeply discount our products up to 50% that will save you money.  
      However, since we still have an operating cost, we can't go but so low.
  • How can I track the status of my order?
    • In the upper right side of the screen is a field is a space for your order number.
    • Enter your order number here.
    • If the status indicates in progress. This means that your order has been sent to the warehouse and is being processed.
    • If the status indicates complete. This means that we have complete your order and have put it in the mail.
      • All completed order will have their tracking information under packages.
    • If we have any questions about your order, we will contact you using your preferred contact method.
    • If you have any questions about your order, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.
  • What is the difference between the 18% and 23% Pepper Spray?
    • All of our Pepper Spray has a certified heart rating. Our 18% Pepper Spray Models are 46% hotter than most brands. Our 23% models are 87% hotter than most brands.
      Both are capable of disabling a potential attacker under normal conditions.
  • Is using pepper spray against the law?
    • If you are interested in purchasing pepper spray, you should first check with your local law enforcement office or your state's Attorney General's office. Each state has their own regulations, although most states state it is legal to possess and carry pepper spray. Some states have strict regulations on the size, age, or OC concentration of the pepper spray their residents carry.  See the Link at the bottom of the page.
  • Are there places that prohibit pepper spray?
    • Yes. If you are flying on a commercial aircraft, you cannot carry pepper spray with you. If you attempt to carry pepper spray on board, you will be violating Federal law and may be fined up to $25,000. If you would like to carry pepper spray in your checked baggage, you might be able to do so. However, you may want to check with your airline and notify the ticketing agent when you check your baggage. 

      In addition to aircraft, you cannot carry pepper spray into many Federal buildings, State buildings, or anywhere else with a security checkpoint. There may not be laws about these situations, but using your best judgment is often advised.  Some private business does not allow their employees to have them on their worksite.
  • How do I your pepper spray is better than other models?
    • Many Pepper spray models will claim to be hot and state their OC% and SHU rating. These reflect the formula BEFORE it is put into the canister, and not when it comes out. When it comes to protecting yourself or your loved ones, how can you really know which pepper spray is the most effective?  The Pepper spray was sell has a CERTIFIED HEAT RATING (CHR) which test how hot the formula is when it comes out. This info is listed under each Streetwise pepper spray model. 
  • How often should I replace my pepper spray?
    • Most self-defense sprays have an expiration date stamped on the canister. OC will not degrade over time, but the unit may not spray as far as expected, if at all. The aerosol propellant may leak out, rendering the spray less effective. This is especially true with the smaller sprays like the keychain.
    • The nature of the product suggests that effectiveness is of utmost importance. We recommend replacing your spray after the expiration date or every three years. 
    • To make sure that propellant does not go bad, you should test your spray every 90 days. Every time you perform a test, you reduce the contents of the canister. If you are using a keychain model and you test regularly you may need to replace it every year.
  • How long does it take Pepper Spray to work once I spray my attacker, and, and how long will the effect last?
    • It can take between 3-5 seconds for pepper spray to take effect, and the effects can last anywhere from 15 minutes to about 60 minutes depending on formula concentration, which will give you plenty of time to escape an attacker and call the police.
    • Many of our models also contain a UV Dye, a harmless additive used to assist authorities in identifying and catching the attacker, will generally wear off in about a week
  • Will pepper spray work on bears and dogs?
    • Pepper spray is effective on dogs and other wild animals. However, to best protect you for potential bear /dog attacks, we advise that your purchase bear spray and dog spray that is specifically formulated and clearly labeled for deterring attacks by bears or dogs.
  • Additional Pepper Spray Questions?
    • E-mail us for our FREE E-book "12 Things To know about Pepper Spray"

  • What is the difference between a Stun Gun and a Taser?
    • Both Tasers and Stun Guns are electro-shock devices that can incapacitate your attacker. Tasers are designed to be used at a distance while Stun Guns can only be used in close quarters. Neither of these weapons is designed to kill under normal use. However, if they are used excessively, continued exposure could possibly cost the perpetrator his life.
  • Will I be shocked if the attacker touches me when the device is applied?
    • No! The electrical current is absorbed in the muscles of your attacker and will not pass through to the user, regardless of the conditions. Even if the assailant is holding you, there is no way the current will pass to you.
  • Will a stun gun work on those under the influence?
    • It depends. In general Stun guns work on those under the influence of alcohol or some forms of mild narcotics, but effects on a person under the influence can vary. We also know that depending on a person and the types of drugs that stun devices can be ineffective against them. This includes TASERS and STUN GUNS.
  • Are stun guns legal in my area? 
    • We have provided a page that lists some of the current United States Stun devices restrictions. A few cities and counties also have laws restrict its use and ownership. Before buying a stun device, please make sure they are legal where you live. You may check stun gun laws and restrictions for some general guideline. If in doubt, contact your local police department.
  • Why do you offer three stun gun brands?
    • We understand that there different types of stun guns buyers and our goal is to provide you with models that appeal to each of them. No matter what kind of stun gun you are looking for you can buy it from us at a great price. This gives your customers more options. By offering such a large variety, you will be a “one-stop stun gun shop” that will allow you to cater to all stun gun buyers.
  • What is the difference in your three stun gun brands: Streetwise, Police Force, and Jolt?
    • Our Streetwise brand is the one that has sold the longest. Through the years the Streetwise name has become one of the most recognizable brands in the market and has separated itself for competing brands for its superior quality. It is purchased primarily by individuals looking for a reputable brand, top quality, a lifetime warranty, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they (or their loved one) are carrying a “time-tested” self-defense product. For this type of customer, the price is not their highest concern when making a buying decision.
    • Our Police Force brand is actually part of the Streetwise Brand but with an important difference. Our Streetwise brand is designed for use by individuals whereas the Police Force brand is designed to be used on a regular basis by professionals under rigorous conditions. In fact, most of these models are made of military grade aluminum making them as tough as those who carry them. Although Police Force is engineered to meet the demands of Police, Military and Security Professionals worldwide they are also available to civilians.
    • Our Jolt brand appeals to the buyer that is primarily driven by a low price and high model number. In the last several years' many new companies have entered the market, claiming very high voltage amounts and offering low prices. Although these new models offered no lifetime warranty, were not covered by any product liability insurance and were inferior to our “Streetwise quality”, our dealers still began to request some models that could compete with these low price points. Our answer has been the Jolt. Although the quality of the Jolt brand is better than most of the off brands, it does not have high as our other two brands.
  • What makes Streetwise the leading brand of Stun Guns?
    • Product Liability Insurance: Streetwise is one of the few brands that offer this insurance. Onyx Knight Enterprises recommend that before you purchase any stun gun you should request a copy of the product liability insurance from your supplier. Many dealers assume that all suppliers carry this insurance on their stun guns, and are surprised to learn that most do not.  Not only can we provide you with a copy of our certificate of insurance, but we are happy to add your company to the policy as an “additional issued,” at no cost to you. This policy is very expensive for us (which is why most companies don’t offer it), but we feel it is worth it to know that our dealers are protected.
    • Largest Selection: With over 40 models for your buyers to choose from you can be a “one-stop shop” that can cater to all stun gun buyers. Some models are designed specifically for men, others like “the Hottie” for women and our “Security Guard” series for police and security personnel. Some models are cleverly disguised to look like a cell phone or a canister of perfume, and some are small and easy to conceal like the “Small Fry” series. Our stun batons are large and intimidating. We offer models to fit every budget. In addition, our “Jolt” series is designed for those who want a good quality stun gun and high model number at the lowest price possible. Our “Police Force” series is engineered to meet the demands of Police, Military and Security Professionals worldwide but are also available to civilians.
    • Over 23 Years in Business:  Streetwise has been in business since 1990. Today they lead the stun gun industry with a brand that is sold throughout the US and exported to many foreign counties. Not only do we offer a great product line, we have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed.
    • Industry Leading Customer Service: This may be one area where we outshine our competition the greatest. Although we are aggressively growing our product line customers often tell us they really wished we carried a certain type of product so they would not have to order it from another company because we are so much easier to work with. If you are tired of being treated like you are doing your supplier a favor by ordering from them then you will find our customer service refreshing. We genuinely enjoy serving our customers. We realize that ultimately we work for you and our success depends on making you successful.
    • No Fake Voltage Claims: We strive to always do business in an honest, straight-forward manner. One way we do this is by not making exaggerated voltage claims so common in the stun gun industry today.
    • Life Time Warranty: Streetwise Stun Guns are of the highest quality and come with a lifetime warranty.
    • Most Features: We offer a long list of features on each of our stun gun model. Some of the features include rechargeable batteries, LED lights, a built-in charging plug, safety switch, “grab guard” stun strips, long reach, disable pin, optionally disable plug, holster, rubberized armor coating, and a loud alarm.
    • Brand Recognition: After more than 20 years in the forefront of the stun gun industry, Streetwise has established itself as the most trusted and recognized brand on the market today. 
    • Innovation: We are often asked, “what’s new?”  Our goal is to keep you safe by continually offering fresh and exciting new products. For instance, we revolutionized the stun gun industry with the Small Fry model, a stun gun so small it can fit into a pack of cigarettes. Before we introduced these stun guns were large and bulky.  It took our competitors a couple of years to catch up with our technology and produce copies of this model. Today all major brands have followed us by offering this type of stun gun. This year alone we have added over 10 new models to our stun gun line and have many others currently “in the works”.
    • Drop Shipping: For those who don’t want to warehouse products, we can ship directly to your customer and make it look like the shipment was sent from you. The shipping label will show your name and address in the return address section, so they will never know that it came from us. For more details see drop shipping.
    • Wholesale Only: Many of the companies that offer wholesale pricing also sell retail under a different name. We are in business to serve our dealers and distributors. The better job we do of that the more our business grows. We only sell wholesale and do not compete with you for retail sales.
    • Honest, Straight-forward Business Approach: In our more than 23 years in business, Streetwise has had the privilege to serve thousands of satisfied customers.  They are committed to honoring God in both our personal lives and business dealings. 

  •    Because of a large number of questions about EACH TASER product and the accessories, we are going to provide a link to their site so that you research and ask them directly.


We have a separate FAQ Page on Cameras...

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