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Taser Information
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TASER Information
TASER Restrictions

TASER Restrictions

  • To promote responsible ownership and prevent misuse, the TASER  Products will function only after the owner completes a background check.
  • Purchasers must be 18 years of age or older.
  • A registration and background check is required through TASER International in order to activate the unit.
    There is no longer a registration fee. Instructions on how to activate the TASER products will be in the package.

  • Purchasers must be 18 years of age or older.
  • TASERs are perfectly legal to own in 44 states, but the remaining 6 either require a permit or do not allow them at all.
    Please consult the Laws & Restrictions section before you purchase to make certain they are legal in your area.TASER conducted electrical weapons are not considered firearms and are legal to carry in most states without permits. Restricted from consumer use in MA, RI, NY, NJ, HI, District of Columbia, and certain cities and counties.
    Buyer is responsible for researching and knowing the applicable state and local laws prior to purchasing, possessing, transporting or using a TASER CEW (CONDUCTED ELECTRICAL WEAPON)
  • RESTRICTIONS: DC, HI, MA, NJ, NY, and RI ban the civilian sale of TASER weapons. CT, IL, MI, and WI are legal with certain restrictions and requirements.
    If you have any questions regarding your ability to carry a TASER in your state or municipality consult your local law enforcement agency or view our detailed TASER legal requirements page for additional information.

    Maryland, Minnesota, and Illinois require background checks.
    Upon completion of your order, we will send an email with steps to completing your background check. 
    TASERs are only available for sale in the United States of America and Puerto Rico.

  • TASER International and many state laws disallow felons from owning TASER devices, therefore we must do a background check prior to shipping your TASER Product to ensure that you do not have a felony record.
    As long as you are not a registered felon you should be able to pass this simple background check with ease.
    Once you purchase a TASER product an email will be sent requesting the following information required for the background check: Name, Birthdate, Driver's License Number and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. This verification can also be done over the phone if you prefer and only takes a few minutes; just let us know in the comments section when you place your order and we will call you.
Warranty Information
The TASER products include a full 90-day warranty against manufacturers defects.

TASER Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
When a TASER products personal safety device is used in self-defense, it can be deployed and left behind providing the user an automatic window of opportunity to get to safety and call law enforcement. 
Send Taser International a copy of the police report documenting the incident and Taser International will replace your TASER device free of charge.
Your life is worth more to us than the cost of a TASER device.

Who should buy a TASER Product?
If you are a private citizen and you plan to carry the device on you wherever you go, the TASER Products is probably the device for you.
The main reason is you can carry it on your belt loop (using a holster), in your car, on in your purse, without looking like you are openly carrying a firearm.

People who routinely jog or walk and would like to have extra protection are also good candidates for the TASER Pulse or Bolt as it is lightweight and can easily be placed in a fanny pack or a coat pocket.
The Bolt or Pulse device is also a good candidate for someone who is uncomfortable carrying a firearm. While shooting yourself with a TASER will ruin your day, it won't kill you.
If you are a security guard, bail-bondsman, or require a TASER device as part of your job, you would probably be more interested in the X26C or the X2 devices.

How the TASER Bolt Works
It is extremely easy to hold and operate. A small, sliding trigger guard shields the button that fires the device, preventing accidental discharges.
The Bolt has enough knock-down power to place a would-be attacker on the ground. If you do have to shoot someone with the Bolt it will continue to shock them for 30 seconds while you find safety. TASER recommends placing the Bolt on the ground and leaving it so it will continue to shock the assailant while you get away. TASER International also offers a lifetime guarantee that if your Bolt goes missing between the time you flee and the time you return with the police, they will supply you with another Taser absolutely free.

TASER Bolt Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I shoot and miss?
A: If this were to happen you can quickly remove the Taser Bolt cartridge using your thumb and index finger. The TASER Bolt will continue to operate without the cartridge in what is called "drive mode." Without the cartridge, the Bolt can still shock anyone it touches just as if it were a traditional stun gun.

Q: How do I know if the TASER Bolt is activated?
A: When you slide the trigger guard back, the LED indicator should be green. If it is red the TASER  is still inactive and will not operate when the trigger button is pressed. To be 100% sure your TASER  is operational, remove any cartridge that may be in the device, point the device away from yourself, slide the trigger guard back, and press the button to fire the weapon. You should hear a clicking sound as the device begins to spark. Pressing the trigger button again will halt the weapon from sparking.

Legal Information from Taser Site.

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