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Taser Bolt
Taser Bolt

Taser Bolt

Taser Bolt
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When you buy a Taser, you have a powerful non-lethal means to defend yourself.

The TASER Bolt is the redesigned of the popular TASER C2 model that has the same knockdown power as law enforcement TASERs,
yet only weighing a mere 7 ounces and the same length as a dollar bill.
This unit is lightweight, compact and easily fits in your pocket or purse.
The 15-foot cartridge allows for a safe distance between you and your attacker.

When fired, the TASER Bolt will deliver a 30-second energy burst.
During this 30-second window of opportunity, while your attacker is incapacitated, you can set the unit down and get to safety.
The Bolt can also be used as a close proximity stun gun back up without the cartridge or after the cartridge has been fired. 

The TASER Bolt is the perfect self-defense device for law enforcement personnel, professional security personnel, fugitive recovery personnel, as well as law-abiding citizens.
It provides the ultimate EMD TASER® technology to protect yourself, your family and your home!
TASER Bolt is Effective
A hit anywhere on your attacker body can be effective with the TASER Bolt de, making it easier to use and more reliable under stress than any other use-of-force option. TASER self-Defense products weapons are field proven up to 95% effective in actual law enforcement use - the highest of any similar device.
TASER International creates the device that can truly incapacitate criminals under the influence of PCP and some other dangerous drugs.
 Legal To Use In Most States
TASER® devices are not considered firearms by the US Government. They can be legally carried (concealed or open) without a permit required in 45 states.  
TASER products are restricted in the following states: Washington DC, HI, MA, NJ, NY, RI, and certain cities and counties. Legal in CT, IL, MI, and WI with certain restrictions and requirements.
If you have any questions regarding your ability to own or carry a TASER Pulse in your state or municipality, please consult your local law enforcement agency for more information.
TASERs are only available for sale in the United State of America and Puerto Rico.


  • TASER Bolt
  • 2 live Cartridges
  • High-quality soft-carry sleeve
  • Lithium Power Magazine (This is not a rechargeable battery)
  • Practice Target
  • Bolt quick-start guide
Taser Information and Restrictions
Power Output: 50,000 volts
Output Characteristic: Wave form: Complex shaped pulse
Energy at capacitors: Nominal at main capacitors: 0.296 joules per pulse - Delivered into load: 0.072 joules per pulse
Pulse rate 19 pulses per second (PPS) for 5 seconds, 12 PPS for 15 seconds, 1/2 second break, 19 PPS for 1.5 seconds, 8 PPS for remaining 8 seconds
Pulse duration: 100 microseconds
Peak open circuit voltage: 50,000 volts (V)
Peak loaded voltage: 1,200 V
Current 2 milliamperes average
Temperature Range: -4ºF [-20ºC] to 122ºF [50ºC
Material: High Impact Polymer
Power Supply: Lithium Power Magazine (LPM) a battery of two three-volt photo cells (Duracell® CR123)
Weight: Seven Ounces
Height (w/o Cartridge and LPM): 2.10 inches (5.33 cm)
Length (w/o Cartridge and LPM): 5.50 inches (14 cm)
Length (w/ Cartridge and LPM): 6.00 inches (15.24 cm)
Width: 1.25 inches (3.18 cm)
Weight (w/o Cartridge and LPM): 5.36 oz (152 g)
Features Benefits
Discreet appearance with a light and compact form factor easily fits in a pocket
Immobilize an attacker for 30 seconds to get away safely from up to 15 feet away
Powerful Lithium Battery provides over 50 firings
Use as a close proximity stun-gun backup without the cartridge or after the cartridge is fired
Low intensity light illuminates for better visibility
High-precision laser for greater accuracy
No license needed to carry openly or concealed in most states
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