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Block USB Charger DVR Spy Camera (SKU: PE-SWBCDVR)Block USB Charger DVR Spy Camera (SKU: PE-SWBCDVR)With all of today's' electronic gadgets, the USB block chargers have become a common household or business. 
Think about it, we use them for charging laptops, smartphones, tablets and much more.

This is what makes a USB Block Charger such a useful device to house a spy camera DVR device.
Spy Gear Secret USB Audio Recorder(2GB) (SKU: PE-SWUSBAR)Spy Gear Secret USB Audio Recorder(2GB) (SKU: PE-SWUSBAR)Are you looking for something to secretly record a conversation, that won't stand out.  The other party won't think twice about the flash drive you are carrying.  However, it's not a Flash drive! The Covert USB Audio Recorder (4GB) can perform two functions: it can be a USB flash drive, with 4GB of internal memory, or a discrete audio record .
Spy Gear Thumb Size Spy Camera DVR w/ Voice Activation (SKU: PE-DVRTS)Spy Gear Thumb Size Spy Camera DVR w/ Voice Activation (SKU: PE-DVRTS)
Looking for great Spy Gear?
At only 2 and one-quarter inches by three-quarters of an inch, the thumb-size spy camera DVR is a portable and convenient way to record video (with audio) or it can be used as a live web cam. It also has a voice-activated feature
Digital Spy Camera Alarm Clock DVR with motion detector (SKU: PE-DVRMFC)Digital Spy Camera Alarm Clock DVR with motion detector (SKU: PE-DVRMFC)What to know what they are doing when you are not around?
Designed to look like an ordinary digital clock, this clock is also a video surveillance camera. 
Spy Gear USB-DVR with 4GB (SKU: PE-DVRA8)Spy Gear USB-DVR with 4GB (SKU: PE-DVRA8)
 Want to secretly record an event? Now you can be armed like secret agents and use this innocent looking device to record actions when you are not around.  Suspect a spouse of cheating?  Suspect an employee of stealing? Just what is the babysitter or maid doing? This spy gear USB-DVR is disguised as an ordinary flash drive. It functions not only as the DVR, but a 4 GB flash drive as well.
Cube Spy Clock DVR Camera (SKU: PE-SWCCDVR)Cube Spy Clock DVR Camera (SKU: PE-SWCCDVR)

Wouldn’t you like to know what is going on when you are not there? With this spy clock.. you can.

This fully functional desk clock is also actually a hidden spy camera complete with night vision and a built-in DVR that records your video to a Micro SD card. High Quality Video - 5 MegaPixel CMOS Camera with 1920x1080 Video Resolution. Very few hidden cameras offer night vision but this one does!  This spy camera can see up to 5 feet in total darkness. The built-in infrared lights let the camera see clearly in total darkness but these special IR lights a

WiFi Weather Station Hidden Camera (SKU: PE-SWWSIPC)WiFi Weather Station Hidden Camera (SKU: PE-SWWSIPC)Now you can secretly monitor your residence, business, man cave with the Wi-Fi Weather Station Security Camera by Streetwise.
You can easily watch a live stream on your iOS or Android device by downloading the free 
Pro iCam app and scanning the QR code on the camera.
Cell Phone Dock Charger Wi-Fi Camera w/8GB Card (SKU: PE-DCWCL)Cell Phone Dock Charger Wi-Fi Camera w/8GB Card (SKU: PE-DCWCL)Almost everyone carried a cell phone in today's high tech environment.  therefore it is commonplace to see a  cell phone charger so what better place to discreetly hide an HD Wi-Fi security camera?
The Dock Charger Wi-Fi Camera blends in perfectly to any home or office environment.
WiFiHD AC Adapter Spy DVR (SKU: PE-SWWAADVR)WiFiHD AC Adapter Spy DVR (SKU: PE-SWWAADVR)What is happening on when you are not around...want to find out exactly what the babysitter or your children are doing?
We have for you the
HD 1080p AC Adapter Spy Camera.
Cube Clock WiFi IP Camera (SKU: PE-SWCCIPC)Cube Clock WiFi IP Camera (SKU: PE-SWCCIPC)This is a fully functional desk clock as well as hidden surveillance camera with night vision and built-in DVR that records video to a Micro SD card.
This spy camera model is also a WiFi IP Network Camera that is capable of recording internally with live remote viewing and playback as well as recording capabilities with PCs, Laptops, Apple iPhones and iPads, and Android Devices.
Spy Camera WiFi PIR Camera (SKU: PE-DVRWPIR)Spy Camera WiFi PIR Camera (SKU: PE-DVRWPIR)
Do you want to know what is going on in your home or business when you are not around? 
This advanced Digital Video Recorder Hidden Spy Camera (DVR) with built-in night vision is loaded 
with lots of features and looks just like a passive infrared motion sensor, so it will blend in anywhere in a home 
or business.
Full Range Camera and Bug Detector (SKU: PE-CC308)Full Range Camera and Bug Detector (SKU: PE-CC308)Are there hidden camera or listening devices watching you?  Is there one in your bedroom or in the bathroom on in your office? Is your residence or workspace bugged?

With this  light-weight and easy to use Full Range Camera and Bug Detector you will be able find all types of hidden cameras and other devices (wired and wireless) using the latest laser frequency visual detection methods.

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